Missing Link EP

By kapsil • CD, Digital, Releases • 20 Apr 2005
missinglink 300x300 Missing Link EP

Missing Link EP Cover

For those who thought that drum and bass was extinct…Complex Logic Recordings presents Kapsil’s Missing Link EP.

¬†Kapsil’s debut EP, Missing Link, represents the evolution of American drum’n’bass. Incorporating elements of old school jungle with atmospheric and modern drum’n’bass flavors, Kapsil defies easy classification.

Kapsil’s mixes exhibit a depth and style that are seldom heard in the current drum’n’bass scene. The beats are dynamic, and unusual melodic elements are woven into the groove…this is drum’n’bass you can feel. In addition to his production, Kapsil is an active DJ, which is evident in the smooth flow of the tracks. Finishing with two exclusive remixes by ind01e, this album can rock a dancefloor or make you groove in your car.

***Missing Link has cracked the “RPM (electronic) Top Ten” on stations across the country and is receiving airplay on over 100 radio stations nationwide.***

This review sums it up well:

“A very interesting track which has been intelligently produced. The style is definitely unconventional and, in some ways, adds new dimensions to what can be done with dnb as a genre. If you want to hear something fresh and pacey, check this one out without hesitation as there’s not much out like it…” – DNBSCENE (reviewing Beatbox)

  1. Beatbox
  2. Missing Link
  3. Deliverance
  4. Nu Model
  5. Deliverance (ind01e Remix)
  6. Nu Model (ind01e Remix)

Available digitally through iTunes or Amazon. (Previews available at either site as well)

For a physical CD, email me, I have a handful of copies that I will send you for $5 shipped anywhere in the US. Outside of the US, contact me for a quote.

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