By kapsil • • 11 Feb 2012
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he's so dreamy too!

Jockeying discs since 1999, kapsil aka John Marzetti got his start in Philadelphia on a totally kick-ass pair of belt drive Geminis. After trainwrecking nerdy techstep for 2 years, he was visited in a dream by Marion Barry, who told him to go to DC and pursue his dreams of playing records in a dorm room and drinking plastic bottle bourbon. His dreams smashed to pieces in 2001, when Barry was arrested by the Potomac river with white powder under his nose, kapsil began making wonderfully inventive crapstep in fruity loops using thought provoking samples such as DMX shouting ‘ah-oh’. This period did not last long, culminating with a beer bottle being thrown at his head.

However, all was not as bad as it seemed. Somewhere along the way, kapsil learned that spinning records worked a whole lot better when a mixer was used. In addition, he found that turning the mute button off on the computer greatly improved production. Somewhere around this time, Al Gore invented the internet, allowing kapsil to learn how to use his software properly and spend every last dime he had on records. However, the honeymoon was short lived, and after an incident involving a debit card being declined for a $3 6-pack of Ice House, kapsil began to focus more on production. And ramen. It was during this time in which kapsil wrote the tracks for the Missing Link EP, released on Complex Logic Recordings in the spring of 2005. A mixture of many styles, this CD climbed to number 4 in the charts, of college radio, in the RPM section, for 2 weeks.

Between 2002 and 2005 kapsil played records for people in Washington, DC at Cafe Japone, WRGW radio events, and various house parties that ended in his alter ego, Reverend John Flex being released onto the unsuspecting masses (apparently someone else had visited him in a dream, suggesting that mixing 2 live crew and tiga remixes of sunglasses at night was a good idea). The good Reverend also enjoyed a brief stint of residency at a sports bar in Corolla, NC playing Finnish electro to guys in cut-off t-shirts requesting Ministry. After finishing up school in DC, kapsil moved to North Carolina, where he began his¬†mildly¬†legendary unsigned mix series using Ableton Live. Featuring artists from all over the world including, Japan, USA, UK, Lativa, and New Zealand among many others, these mixes have proved to be a very effective way of giving unsigned talent some well deserved exposure. Today kapsil produces DNB music on his computer using Renoise, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Sound Forge, and all sorts of VST effects and softsynths. His DJing is as varied as the facial expressions of Chuck Norris, often moving across the board in a single set, but tactfully skipping the wobble. Not to be pigeon-holed, his motto is ‘if it sounds good than it is good’.

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