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By kapsil • Digital, Releases • 10 Dec 2010

Down East EP Front Down East EP   Manifesto Music

Down East EP Front

Down East EP Back Down East EP   Manifesto Music

Down East EP Back Cover

Kapsil – Down East EP

  • a) Down East
  • aa) Numb

For the second Manifesto Music release we welcome American producer Kapsil to the fold as he delivers two contrasting tracks brimming with warmth and soul.

Down East is a perfect example of old-school musicality married with a modern day global perspective. The rolling, scattering drum breaks evoke memories of mid to late nineties ‘intelligent’ jungle and the plethora of varying samples from all corners of the globe perfectly demonstrate his wide, panoramic influences.

Whilst Down East seems more open and positive in its outlook, Numb is a more moody, insular piece. Brooding, introspective bass and pads make this one a more pensive, contemplative track, a soundtrack to modern day meditation, and it stands testament to Kapsil’s ability to craft thought provoking moods and atmospheres in his music.

The music contained in his release stands testament to his creativity and desire not to create isolated tracks that exist simply as themselves but rather timeless pieces of music that fit into the confusing and ever changing world in which we live.

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Artwork provided by Mateusz Herman

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